Letter from
pastor Craig

The Water’s Edge Network was started by Central Wesleyan Church of Holland Michigan in 2016. Recognizing that God blesses His people to be a blessing, Central determined to practice organizationally what God requires of His people personally. This commitment to “organizational generosity” with a “kingdom” rather than a church mindset, had long been the foundation of Central before I arrived. My task was to refocus that commitment. Harnessing that generous and kingdom DNA, we transitioned to being a multi-site church with a difference, embracing more of a multi-church model.

At the heart of our network family is a commitment to empower local leaders, leading local churches in strategic places around the world. Through localizing leadership, decentralizing decision-making, and synchronizing essential systems, we’ve seen God keep us united, grow us stronger, and propel us more powerfully into the world.

I’m under no allusions that the path I led Central on, was a bold one. In this annual report, we provide a snapshot of how God has blessed this faith-filled path.

When we began, the challenge was believing that God would bless this road. Today, our challenge is discerning where to go from here; so blessed is that road and so numerous are now the possibilities.